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Season Greetings to you all. They Valley Hub Team would like to wish you all Merry and safe Christmas and Happy New Year! It has been an amazing year for The Valley Hub in our beautiful Nambucca Valley! We are excited to bring you MORE in 2024! More Podcasts- More Newsletters - More What’s on Guides- More Culture - More Community Connections- More Workshops for Not-for-Profits- More Business Forums - More up to date information on the socials and some NEW ‘The Valley Hub’ initiatives!! Including the release of our very first The Valley Hub seasonal magazine! We are taking a very little break from 24th - 27th December - however you can still reach us by email if you need us info@thevalleyhub.com.au .

From Country

Native Bees in our Valley : BY MUJAAY GANMA

As many in our community are becoming increasingly aware, the health of Country is vital to the wellbeing of all. We at Mujaay Ganma are always looking to learn from nature, about the natural world. Custodial wisdom passed through the generations was gained from observing the natural world, very closely, over millennia.

In our Valley we are fortunate to not only have this wisdom alive today and being passed on to younger generations but happily we also have Steven Hayes, who has a wealth of knowledge on native bees and, along with Trudi, has created a bee sanctuary in our Valley. https://littlestar.net.au

Mujaay Ganma was pleased to receive a small grant from Healthy Communities Mid North Coast to support the health and wellbeing of people in the community by learning about the intricate world of native bees and their role in sustainability and biodiversity in our environment. With the establishment of the Yuraal Native Community Garden and our nursery we realised that having native bees and understanding more about them would support pollination and sustainability.

Over more than a year now, when the time has been right for the bees, our young custodians have been learning about many aspects of caring for native bees.  They really valued the holistic approach to bee keeping that they were introduced to by Steven. They also learned about the differences between European and Native bees.

It seems that European bees are great for their production of honey and so have been valued for what they provide for our culinary needs. However research shows that in every other way native bees provide a better service as pollinators, so critical to a healthy environment and to human survival. One member of the team was surprised to find that there were ethical and unethical practices that were employed by Bee Keepers. They all completed this program with a strong knowing that “the health and happiness of bees comes first’’ as they look to care for native bees in the future.

Last year Kenny Walker found a hive in a hollow log near the garden. Steve connected a box hive for the bees to populate. In early December Steve noticed that it was not yet ready to split but shared a little of the native honey with the team. They were excited to taste this super sweet, slightly tangy, runny native honey. As someone exclaimed “the taste and texture was sooo goood”

We have been learning that these creatures, endemic to our part of the world do deserve more interest and respect, not only for the service they provide to the ecosystem, but we are learning that there are lessons about cooperation and survival that may benefit further observation and appreciation.

Valley Feature

MEN-TALLY HEALTHY Calendar launches in the Nambucca Valley with Ashleigh Greaves.

The Valley Hub caught up with Ashleigh Greaves from Men-tally Healthy and asked a few questions about this special calendar they have created.
What is the Men-tally Healthy Calendar?
The Men-tally healthy calendar is a cheeky and fun way to start the conversation around mental health. It is a fundraising endeavour to provide the community with financial assistance to our locals who need it. This year we are joining forces with Lifetime Connect. Each sale of a calendar or shirt will go directly to a dedicated fund to subsidize the cost of mental health treatment for community members who need it.
What inspired you to create this annual Nambucca Valley calendar?
The inspiration came from a joking conversation I had in my barber shop with a couple of guys who I won’t name because they have both declined multiple times to be in the calendar. Little did they know that I don’t mind a challenge and ran with the idea.
How do you select your stunning monthly models?
Finding models was both easy and hard. I had lots of ‘hell no’, ‘no way in hell’, ‘that’s not for me’, but I also had lots of heart warming big yesses. Each and every one of our models has been touched by the mental health crisis whether that be themselves or somebody close to them. The stories they have are incredible and we need to start listening more. Out of all the models we have photographed I can probably count on one hand how many of them were super confident to be in the calendar.
What is the funniest thing to happen on a photoshoot?
The banter in-between the guys was probably the funniest. There are too many to mention or to pick a favourite. The photo shoots were as quick and easy as ripping a band aid off. One notable photoshoot would have been my Mr Decembers of 2024, the team comradery and brotherhood between them was really touching to see. I honestly think my favourite thing has been watching my co star Matt Baker grow and shine through this process, he really has been a pillar of strength and patience for me who is possibly the most unorganised and computer illiterate person.
What is the key message you would like to get out there to the Nambucca Valley Community?
The key message I really want out there is that its really not weak to speak. After the last few hard years that our community has been through we really, really need to start listening more. If you ask someone how they are, stop and actually listen to their reply without judgement, you don’t need to offer advice right away, or try to fix their situation, more often then not they just want someone to listen.
If I’ve learnt anything from the wonderful humans that have crossed my path it would be that we need to leave our small town judgement at the door because we are exactly that, we are a small country town and every single one of us is living our own journey and for some of us we are dealing with a job loss, troubled or fighting families, grief of a loved one or someone close, a motor vehicle accident or even just forgetting to pack the kids lunch boxes or put the wheely bin out (which is obviously catastrophic because it’s already been overflowing for a week now). Each and every one of those feelings is valid and each and every one of us takes these on differently.
How can members of the community get involved with the Mentally Healthy?
I need help selling the calendars. I need local business to put their hand up to sit the calendars on their counter and offer them for sale., the more calendars we sell means the more money we can put into the kitty to be accessed by our locals who are in need of financial assistance. At a minimum at least 7 to 10 people can be funded for local mental health resources which starts them on their mental health healing journey. This money can be accessed by anyone in the valley.
How the we get our hands on one of these beauties?
Keep an eye on Men-tally Healthy social media for our outlets  throughout the Nambucca Valley.
Our stories

GIRLS CAN TOO - Young Ladies in our Nambucca Valley Shine in Male Dominated Trades.

SHORETRACK –  Girls Can Too Program –That’s the name of the five week program ShoreTrack delivered for Training Services NSW REIP Program. This initiative was to help ten high school students explore trades skills and careers. Aside from learning valuable basic trades skills, the girls were able to meet other women and girls already working in the industry. This enabled them to get real and relevant tips.  

By week 3 of the Girls Can Too Program, the team were putting together a couple of Plumbing systems and building on their excavator operations skills. Teamwork, communication, problem solving and fun were all required and the girls certainly delivered!

Shoretrack would like to shout out to Maia from Designwriter and Cianna from DWP – Drew Walker Plumbing, both of whom came into ShoreTrack to chat about being women in the trades to these wonderful young ladies involved in the program. Maia is a signwriter by trade with experience in landscaping, small motor maintenance and everything else in between. She is also a director and owner of a local signwriting business. 

Cianna is an Electrician with a local Plumbing Business she has had a career in Local Business, Electrical and Mining. 

Thank you to these wonderful and generous mentors in our Nambucca Valley Community. This program was funded by the Regional Industry Education and Partnership.

LANI WALSHE- making history by completion of her Certificate 3 in Flooring Technology

Lani Walshe is a Nambucca Valley local and she is breaking records! Lani left Macksville High School in year 10 and started a course in Travel and Tourism however COVID put a spanner in the works . It was during this difficult and uncertain time that Lani took a chance, she stepped out of the box and started her apprenticeship in Floor Coverings. Fast Forward three years and a lot of hard work and determination and we are so pleased to announce Lani has become the FIRST female on the mid north coast and West to successfully complete for Certificate 3 in Flooring and Technology at TAFE Newcastle.

Lani has also been nominated by her TAFE teacher Craig Bennett for an award in the 2024 TAFE NSW Excellence Awards! Craig also stated ‘This apprenticeship is breaking ground for the flooring industry in the area.’

Congratulations Lani!

Love your local

LIFETIME CONNECT- hosts D.i.V.A Disco to Dance Violence Away!

It was a stunning sea of orange hatted primary school students that graced the town centre of Nambucca Heads on Tuesday November 28.

These Nambucca Valley students were ‘Wearing it Orange’ as they walked from the Nambucca Catholic Church to the Nambucca Community and Arts Centre as part of the 16 days of Activism – a global annual campaign. Local Not-for-Profit, Lifetime Connect, created and hosted the walk and, D.i.V.A, a fun Disco, in honour of this campaign. ‘16 Days of Activism’ – is a global annual campaign with a core message that we unite against gender-based violence and discriminatory attitudes. Equally it calls for awareness and action against any form of violence.

In an effort to enable our young people of the Nambucca Valley Community a chance to play an active and age-appropriate role in the 16 Days of Activism, Lifetime Connect hosted the D.i.V.A (Dance Violence Away) Disco where over 200 students played games and disco danced to the beats of ‘One Mob Radio,’ as they supported kindness over any kind of violence.

Five local schools, St Patricks Primary School, Bowraville Central School, Medlow Public School, Tallowood Steiner School and St Mary’s Primary School took part in this well organised event.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the participating students made posters that capture their thoughts on violence. These posters were showcased at sites in Nambucca Heads, Bowraville, Macksville and Taylors Arm for the public to view for the remainder of the 16 Days of Activism.

Did you know 16 Days of Activism commenced on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the 25th November and continues until Human Rights Day on the 10th December.

Spotlight on



Summer in the Nambucca Valley means sun, sand, surf, good company and amazing food!
Next time you are in Valla Beach feed your soul at The Beach House Providore.
4 Thompson Street Valla Beach
Open Monday- Friday : 6:30am-2pm
Weekends : 7am-2pm



Exciting Opportunity!

Join MCT’s 2024 Apprenticeship Program!

Are you ready to kick-start your career in the automotive industry?

Look no further because MCT is excited to announce the opening of our highly anticipated Apprenticeship Program for 2024!
We are on the lookout for enthusiastic, dedicated individuals to join our dynamic team in the beautiful regions of Coffs Harbour, Macksville and Port Macquarie. This is your chance to embrace a world of opportunity and hands-on experience in a thriving industry.
Positions Available:
* Coffs Harbour:
Heavy Vehicle Mechanic: 2 Positions Available
Spare Parts: 1 Position Available
* Macksville:
Heavy Vehicle Mechanic: 2 Positions Available
Bodymaker: 2 Positions Available
* Port Macquarie:
Heavy Vehicle Mechanic: 2 Positions Available

At MCT, we offer you the chance to work with cutting-edge technology, learn from industry experts, and hone your skills in a supportive and engaging environment. If you’re passionate about making a difference in the automotive world, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Don’t miss out! The application deadline is December 31, 2023.

Positions will begin at the end of January 2024.
To apply, simply send your resume and a cover letter, along with 2 references, to jobs@mct.com.au. Only successful candidates will be contacted.
* Mechanics and Bodymakers will be required to commit to a 4 year apprenticeship & Spare Parts will be a 3 year commitment.
Your hard work and dedication will pay off as successful candidates will have the opportunity to continue their employment journey as qualified tradespeople.
Are you ready to rev up your career with MCT?

We can’t wait to welcome our next group of apprentices into MCT. Don’t miss this opportunity.




There is a broad range of courses available through Nambucca and Macksville TAFE – Accounting, Business, Community Services, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Human Resources, Leadership and Management, Work Health and Safety, Art and Cultural Administration courses to choose from, with various study options available.

We are offering entry level courses in Technology, Creative Arts, Business, Gumbaynggirr language, Bees and Bee products. These courses are ideal for people who are looking to re-enter study or the workforce and build confidence.
Migrant English classes are being offered at Nambucca Heads Connected Learning Centre under the AMEP program for those who meet eligibility requirements.
**Please note the Cert IV in Photography and Digital Imaging does not start until July 2024, but if you would like to enrol please register your interest as confirmation of your level of technology/ computer skills is required to enter this course. If you would like to learn new computer skills to enter this course you could enrol in Certificate 1 – Tech Savvy course at Macksville Campus.
Courses that are offered by virtual delivery can be accessed through Nambucca Heads Connected Learning Centre if the student prefers, rather than at home. Our opening hours: 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday and during the term we are open until 9:00pm on Monday and Wednesday nights, bookings are necessary for these nights. The students can access the Wi-Fi, computers, printer and kitchenette area while here.
TAFE NSW offers a range of services to our students such as;
  • Counselling and career development
  • Aboriginal student support
  • Learner support
  • Disability services
  • Library services


Call into the Macksville campus and have a chat with James, TAFE’s dedicated Customer Service Representative.


THE VALLEY HUB – presented a FREE Zoom- 𝕊𝕠𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝 𝕄𝕖𝕕𝕚𝕒 𝔹𝕠𝕠𝕥 ℂ𝕒𝕞𝕡 for all business and community organisations in the Nambucca Valley on the 29th of November and 6th of December. These workshops were 3 hours each session and held later in the evening giving all Business Owners and Not-for-Profit organisations the availability to participate.

The Workshops focused on navigating Social Media, how to create content and how to captivate your target market. It also looked at planning advertising and marketing campaigns. All participants took away valuable information on how to promote their organisation/ business in today’s fast paced world. They also took home the links to a website full of resources to help them grow in the future. This initiative is a part of The Valley Hub’s Education and Training Sector.

Fun was had by all of those who participated in the Zoom Social Media Boot Camp Workshops. The Valley Hub is excited for be bringing more fabulous educational ZOOM workshops to the Nambucca Valley’s Business’s, Not-for-Profit Organisations and Community in the very near future.

Inside knowledge

NAMBUCCA VALLEY PHYSIE Girls Compete at the State Grand Finals - Sydney


2023 has been another successful year for Nambucca Valley Physie, who had 24 girls compete at the State Grand Finals, held at Sydney Town Hall in November.

The NVP team were very proud of Lylah (7) & Ava (14) who won their age group section and were crowned State Champion Girl. NVP were also awarded another nine places throughout the day (Luca, Sylvie, Grace, Charlotte, Indi, Tayja, Halle, Zali, Brianna). A highlight was winning the Dance Award on four occasions (Luca, Grace, Ava, Enna).

Congratulations also to Maisy, Amelia, Aria, Haylee, Charlotte, Gabriella, Hannah, Caitlyn, Annaliese, Enna, Lily, Aleisya and Mackenzie, who represented the NVP club so beautifully as State Grand Finalists.

NVP is a club for girls from 3 years of age up to Ladies 70+, and they are looking forward to welcoming more members in 2024, no experience necessary and they value their Club Spirit amongst the 80+ members. NVP is the place to be!

An information night will be held in February. Please contact Joanne Logan on 0422 647 214 for more information.

Become a member and gain access to our BUSINESS FORUM – The Valley Hub are connecting Business, Community and Not-for-Profits in the Nambucca Valley.


What's on in the Valley

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Let the games begin

Set your Brain to our Monthly Trivia Quest.

The answers will be shared next month – let us know how you fared.


  1.   Where did the Christmas Tree originate from?
  2.   What was the traditional Christmas meal in England?
  3.   What colour are mistletoe berries?
  4.   When do the 12 days of Christmas start?
  5.   Where do event calendar originate from?
  6.   What does Holly Represent?
  7.  Where does the name Boxing Day come from?
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