This is Gumbaynggirr Country

“A community is a group of families working together” – Thomas Stanbrook

Song: “Baabaga Birruganba Bularri – Birrugan and his dad” © Muurrbay. Written by Br Steve Morelli. Performed by Gumbaynggirr Linguist and singer Dallas Walker and produced by Will Jarrett.

Bawrrungga Nyami Gawbarrigam – Bowraville Women Gathering

Is an arts collective of women from the Nambucca Valley who gather in Bowraville to paint, weave, sew, and make contemporary jewellery. Supported by Jaanymili Bawrrungga, the artists had their first collective art exhibition in 2020, it was hugely successful and inspired the women to keep painting. They have all developed their own styles, textures and palettes and paint from their connection to Gumbaynggirr country and the stories they have inherited or gained through their life journeys. In 2021 the women were invited to join the Indigenous Jewellery Project, their work was exhibited at the Australian Design Centre in a sell-out show, and featured in the Darwin Country to Couture fashion show, by winning designer Ngali. The Nyami’s also exhibited in the 2021 NAIDOC week exhibition at the Phoenix Art Centre.

 painting of Gumbaynggirr Country
IMAGE: Painting of Gumbaynggirr Country.

The painting featured here is a collaborative work, a map of the Nambucca Valley from a Gumbaynggirr perspective. This work was commissioned by The Valley Hub, the original painting belongs to the Nyami’s, prints of this work are available to order from Jaanmyili Bawrrunnga.

Let’s introduce you to the artists…

Yarna Buchanan

Gumbaynggirr Artist: Yarna Buchanan
Yarna is a Traditional Owner from Bowraville and has lived most of her life within the Nambucca Valley. An accomplished artist, weaver and jeweller. Yarna has been commissioned by various government departments, private companies and the local shire council, most recently her work was selected for the Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space, Yarrila Place. Yarna contributed to the award winning Macksville New Hospital Weaving Project, collaborated on the Nambucca Heads BP Station Sculpture artwork and has artwork in the TAFE Macksville Campus. Her jewellery featured at Australian Fashion Week and exhibition at the Australian Design Centre.

Jasmine Stadhams

Gumbaynggirr Artist: Jasmine Stadhams
A proud Gumbaynggirr woman from Bowraville, Jasmine has been practicing traditional culture through her life journey. An accomplished weaver, jewellery maker and painter, Jasmine has travelled within Australia, and worked and lived at Uluru. As a featured artist in the Indigenous Jewellrey Project, her pieces adorned winning fashion designer Ngali’s show in the 2021 Country to Couture fashion parade, and featured in the Australian Design Centres exhibition in 2021.


Rebecca Stadhams

Gumbaynggirr Artist: Rebecca Stadhams
Gumbaynggirr Nyami (Woman), Rebecca is a Traditional Owner, growing up in Bowraville, she has developed her own unique painting style, her work emanates joy and vibrancy, it is totemic and represents stories, landscapes and wildlife of the Gumbaynggirr nation. In 2021 her painting was purchased for the McCulloch Collection, of Everywhen Art. A featured artist of the Bawrrungga Nyami Gawbarrigam Arts Jewellery Project, her work featured in a sell-out exhibition at the Australian Design Centre.

Gumbaynggirr Artist: Yaara Straede
Yaara is a young Gumbaynggir woman from Bowraville, she enjoys painting what she has seen growing up on the Mid North Coast of NSW including the rivers and creeks, platypus, turtles, goannas and rainbows Yaara enjoys spending time with her family and is learning local Gumbaynggirr stories. Yaara loves the local beaches, rivers and bush tracks that also provide a food source to Aboriginal people. A featured artist of the Bawrrungga Nyami Gawbarrigam Arts Jewellery Project, her work featured in a sell-out exhibition at the Australian Design Centre.

Featured Contributing Artist

Bernard Kelly-Edwards

Bernard Kelly-Edwards (Multimedia Artist)

I am a multimedia artist, I work with paint, film, photography, story-telling, poetry and digitally. I belong to Gumbaynggirr, Bundjalung and Dhunghutti Nations on the mid north coast of NSW and continue to live in Gumbaynggirr. My bloodline connects me to many aspects of Mother Nature and walking in both worlds has been a powerful journey, that I share through my creative gift from Mum’s Belly. Always inspired by Wajaarr (Country) Dawaandi (reflections) my work is finding a voice for the patterns of country and their meaning in the connection space of our existence. I love sitting in forest and beach landscapes allowing country to share it’s essence with me and then it is there that I follow the feeling of telling that story which is mainly a poetic expression.


The Valley Hub acknowledges Gumbaynggirr country, the Ancestors, Elders and Traditional Custodians of the Valley in which we live and work. We thank them for their care of country through time and acknowledge and respect their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.

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