The Valley Hub Crew would like to wish you a wonderful Mother`s Day. We acknowledge that this day can be tricky for some, with unfulfilled hopes, disappointment, or grief and loss. We see this edition of The Valley Hub News as a celebration of mothers, but also of women and the many ways in which the matriarchy shapes our world and, indeed, our community.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of The Valley Hub News. 


Happy Mother's Day

MAY your month be filled with sunny days and opportunities to enjoy the beautiful Nambucca Valley.

From Country

Giinagay, MiiMi.

About MiiMi: 

Aunty Ruth Walker along with founding jinda’s (sisters) Rita and Florence Ballangarry established MiiMi Mothers in the late 1980s when they realised there was no support or help for Aboriginal women and families in Bowraville. With foresight passion and energy they joined forces and encouraged the community to realise their dream of developing programs and bringing services into the community for women and their families.

Incorporated in 1993 and governed by a board of management, in 2010 MiiMi changed its name from MiiMi Mother’s Aboriginal Corporation to MiiMi Aboriginal Corporation. MiiMi has brought many projects to the community, including Grow N Munch, Land and Sea Rangers, Wajaar Durrunda, as well as Language, Culture, and Relationship programs.

MiiMi Aboriginal Corporation and its Board of Management recognises the need for services for the WHOLE of community and all program delivery and services are for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community members. In 2011 MiiMi was successful in achieving the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and is now a Work Development Order (Revenue NSW) and a Community Services organisation (Justice NSW).

MiiMi has had long-standing collaborations within the Nambucca Valley and beyond and will continue to create and grow new ones.

You can find out more about Miimi here:

Valley Feature

Hi, I`m Trudi Hayes

I am a mother, daughter, sister, aunty and partner living on Gumbaynggirr Country in the Nambucca Valley.

As a Mental Health Social Worker, I connect in the area of perinatal (pre/ post natal, maternity) care and early parenting, supporting clients to make informed choices and gain personal power.

Through the process of working with clients, I consistently revel in the depth of bravery and wisdom developed through motherhood and honour the learning journey each parent takes in establishing their confidence and resilience as they find new ways of doing, being, and finding meaning. I especially honour the privilege it is to witness women come into their power as they develop discipline, flexibility, awareness and self-compassion in navigating the challenges of early parenthood.

To me, Mother`s Day is a time to reflect on the meaning women bring into the lives of their children, families, and communities. From the creative and resilient ways in which they learn to adapt, to the means in which they shape their environment and culture. I particularly acknowledge the traditional mothers of Gumbaynggirr Country, and the many ways of being and doing they have shared with their kin throughout time.

I am passionate about fostering this appreciation for self in those that I work with. I offer counseling and support services through private practice individually and with groups, workshops, and retreats. Sessions are designed to provide up-to-date, current, and authentic information and I have a wide range of modalities in my toolbox. Clients can be informed and choose the direction that they feel they want and need.

This Mother’s Day, may you all acknowledge the Mummas in your lives, their impact, and their ongoing shaping and influence. As Mummas, may you reflect on all that you have become, the journey, the creating, and the absolute amazing mystery that is you!

You can connect with me at

Our stories


The walls of my house are lined with sweet chubby cheeks and ‘first day of’ photos, commemorating the very individual lives of each of my children. They all bring something hopeful and purposeful to the world. As mothers, we commemorate these moments, milestones, and the minutes that represent who our children may be in the future. It’s trickier to commemorate the growth of us.

I`m Penny, you`ll often find me behind the keys of the articles you read here, the voice behind our podcasts, and juggler of all Valley Hub balls. From the tender age of 21, I was walking the halls with a sleepless bundle and am now soon to do the same, older, but a whole lot wiser. Today I lay aside the cloak of anonymity to share the things I’ve learned in my decade of mothering three children. Here goes:

  • These lists are irrelevant.

Let me tell you why.

As mothers, women, in fact, we look around our peers and seek validation that what we are doing is the ‘most right’. That we are learning all the lessons on our feet and implementing them as we should. It`s not enough for us to be doing a good job, it must be a great job. After all, the future depends on it. From our child`s health to their interpersonal relationships, somehow, if it all goes pear-shaped, it will most definitely be on us.

I could sit here and write a bunch of points about how it’s okay if the kids eat cornflakes for dinner or their school uniforms aren’t ironed (every day) or they`re the noisiest kids in the supermarket (kamikaze`s anyone). I could tell you that one of my kids climbed the school flagpole and another mustered hulk-like strength and tipped an entire shopping trolley over. We could look back on trying moments and laugh, a few steps closer to a future where their kids might do the same to them. It might help draw joy from the paradox that is childhood, the slowest days make the fastest years. But here is what I`d rather say to you.

You will never feel like you`re doing enough. And that’s okay. This is a lesson that I am still learning to accept but the more it settles in, the more I think it’s the key to greatness. The very best lesson our children can learn from us is to strive for the best, not to be the best. Sometimes the best is that they eat tv snacks from the box in exchange for our own mental health. Sometimes the best is having hard conversations about feelings knowing that the time for protection is over, and sometimes the best is simply that they too come to realise that the measure of success is where they were yesterday.

I call this process of acceptance ‘mothership’. It is a relationship with one`s self and like any relationship, it requires compassion, reflection, and leaning into the lessons. Like all lessons, one has not mastered their craft until such time as they recognise there is no mastery. And with that, on this annual day of celebration, may you recognise the greatness held in your specific wisdom, unattainable to any other and unique in its ability to carry you through the years.

Happy Mother`s Day.

Love your local

Raelene`s Wellbeing Ways

Hi! I am Raelene Dal Santo ~ an author, women’s well-being, and online business mentor. 

My ‘why’ is to mentor women to enhance their health and create an online freedom lifestyle to support their wellbeing; wherever and whenever they choose. One enables the other. Using my qualifications and sharing my reproductive well-being journey; helps me lead women to create a life by design and choice. I want to enable women to prioritise self-care, understand and manage menopause, and embrace the ‘Younique You’ (a key feature of my book).

I offer one on one well-being mentoring, a four-week group coaching course ‘Menopause My Way’, and also loved well-being products alongside business mentorship and well-being guides. My book ‘Live with Love is a Self-Care Guide’. It provides practical, personal, and lifestyle well-being tools to help you create wellness, happiness, success, kindness, and calmness in your life. It contains messages of self-care, self-love, and self-compassion.

I am here to help you create:
Your wellbeing. Your way.

Contact me at:

Spotlight on

Sending RIPPLES through Macksville

Finding Feath`s

Sending RIPPLES through Macksville

Feath`s Mobile Coffee Van is a mobile cafe service catering for businesses, markets, and events. You can find Feath`s in various locations across the Nambucca Valley on a weekly basis. Connect on Facebook to see Feath`s location for the day.

Contact Feath`s here:

Inside knowledge

Hannah wants you to know your Body Bluprint

Hi, I`m Hannah. I was born and raised on the Coffs Coast, and I’m incredibly passionate about helping women understand their fertility and improve their overall body literacy.

I am a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, Teen Fertility Educator, and Trained Teacher in the foundations of Natural Fertility. I have a background in youth services (locally), prior to becoming certified.

My journey to becoming a Fertility Coach came about after a 4-year struggle to become pregnant. I went through the traditional medical route, including IVF, but ultimately became pregnant naturally by becoming better educated about my hormonal health and working with holistic practitioners to identify and treat the root cause of my fertility challenges.

The Body Bluprint was born because I feel as women, we deserve better. We deserve to be provided with all of the options available to help manage our fertility. I now support women at all stages of their life to navigate menstrual health and fertility challenges and specialise in teaching women to chart their cycles using the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) to

  • understand their fertile signs and leverage this information to achieve pregnancy or,
  • learn the method to ditch hormonal birth control and avoid pregnancy (with up to a 98% efficacy rate)

I am passionate about empowering women to improve their body literacy and understanding the critical role our cycles play in our overall health. I’m a fierce advocate for having access to uncensored and factual information so that we can make informed choices about our health and well-being.

I plan to expand my offerings to younger women in the coming year to help support girls in the local area to have a better understanding of their bodies than my generation and those before me. The workshop “Menstrual Magic” will be focused on helping young girls aged 12-19 to understand how their bodies and hormones work so they can navigate their menstrual cycles and fertility with confidence.

The truth is, we were born with all the tools we need to control our reproductive health; we just haven’t been passed this knowledge, we can do better for the next generation, and I’m on a mission to teach young girls just that.

Connect with me here:

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  1. What percentage does phone traffic spike each Mother`s Day?
  2. What is the average number of children families have?
  3. Why do we give carnations on Mother`s Day?
  4. What do they call Mother`s Day in England?
  5. If a stay-at-home mum`s position was paid, it is estimated they would have an annual salary of?
  6. What is the highest number of children one woman has birthed in total?
  7. What age was the oldest woman to give birth?
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