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Winter has arrived! It is time to get out the thermals and beanies for your early morning walks, as the glorious Nambucca Valley frosts have arrived! We have a jam packed Newsletter for you this month. Grab a cuppa, relax by the fire and ENJOY!

From Country

Mujaay Ganma




Mujaay Ganma Foundation welcomed the respect shown to the Traditional Custodians of Country when the North Coast Local Land Services sought advice when working at Kenniacle Creek recently. Aunty Ruth, Uncle Martin,  Thomas, Wurinda and Kenny Walker from Gagu Land Services, went to do a site assessment before the work began.

Kenny and the Mujaay Ganma Team were engaged to work with Soil Conservation Services to plant natives along the creek.






Wesley Mission and Jaanymili Bawrrungga hosts a Reconciliation Morning Tea

Wesley Mission and Jaanymili Bawrrungga hosted a Reconciliation Morning Tea at Yamstick Cafe in Bowraville on the 31st May 2024. It was a wonderful relaxing morning for Community members and our Aboriginal Elders to enjoy a sensational morning tea from Yamstick Cafe whilst having a yarn and sharing stories.

Wesley Mission has been servicing the Bowraville community for over 10 years and during this time has formed strong relationships with many Aboriginal organisations within the Nambucca Valley. The commitment and support from Wesley Mission is shining bright within the Nambucca Valley Community and can be seen in the contributions and support they give to Jaanymili Bawrrungga surrounding all events pertaining to the youth of the Nambucca Valley.

This event was a time where Jaanymili Bawrrungga acknowledged the strength of ancestors and the many sacrifices made to ensure future generations have more available access to vital services, and are treated with respect and dignity. It was a time to also acknowledge the learnings from the past and to build a positive future moving forwards.


Valley Feature

The Valley Hubs Hosts Dynamic Groups & Sociocracy

On a chilly June morning at the beautiful RiverView Island participants gathered to gain insight into how to hold dynamic group meetings followed by an overview of Sociocracy as a form of Organisational Governance. Robin Clayfield of Earthcare Education skilfully guided us through many of the important learnings that brought Dynamic Groups into being & practice.
We began with the importance of the group gathering in a circle to all be equal in the process, then explored methods to support maximum participation whilst keeping the conversation on track and on time. Hand signals are one such tool, ‘silent applause’ was embraced as a way of signalling agreement with the speaker, this saved both time & energy due to there being no need to restate or voice agreement individually, the meeting just kept moving along…
Other signals were demonstrated to indicate of point of process ‘P’ or a ’T’ to quickly share a technical point necessary a that time plus a signal to ‘stop’; ‘silence’ and one to request a more heartfelt approach. The use of coloured cards was also explained “Colours of Empowerment” as another method to alert the meeting facilitator to needs of individuals in a meeting eg a Yellow card to request more information, Green card to answer a question or fill in knowledge gaps, Orange for acknowledgement, Blue to share an opinion or contribute and Red regarding process or to help facilitate. Further topics included Ethics & Principles, Empowerment, Shared Agreements, Tool Box, Many Baskets, Creative Processes, Interaction and Facilitation.
After sharing a yummy lunch from Bush Grazing our journey into Sociocracy began. Very quickly we realised this was an exciting non-hierarchical organisational system, there is of course much complexity.
Robyn guided us through a case study via a very current example that she is actively involved in advising. Using props and visual aids she was able to show us how all the separate groups ‘circles’ connected to each other and actually became the general circle or what we know as the main entity.
There was also the opportunity to experience a couple of the processes : on a whiteboard all the potential topics were written as we brainstormed, a voting process then ensued where we each could place 3 dots on the board alongside our highest priorities for discussion. Very easily one topic stood out which the group discussed using one of the meeting processes to make a decision. Interestingly the group needs to reach an agreement – there isn’t a win/lose vote nor is it consensus.
Brains buzzing with so much information and possibility, it was enlightening to learn that there are so many life-giving ways to bring our organisations together to conduct our core business.
What an energising finish to the Governance Project managed by BISEP (Bowraville Innovative Social Enterprise Precinct) and funded via the IRCF (Investing in Rural Community Futures) program in the Valley over the last several years, thanks to all involved.
Written by -Gai Nowland
BISEP Steering Group Member 
Photography by Alice Payne 


Inaugural Phoenix Art Prize, Ability Arts Connect MNC Conference and Winter Ball!!

Ability Art Connect Mid North Coast is a project created to bring together artists, people, and organisations with a vested interest in the professional development of artists with lived experience of disability through a 2-day event including conferences, workshops, Inaugural Art Prize for Mid North Coast, exhibition, at Nambucca Valley Phoenix, and ball at the Nambucca RSL.

Nambucca Valley Phoenix is a community owned and operated not for profit that has been supporting artists with lived experience of disability for over forty years.

PHOENIX ART PRIZE- Nambucca Valley Phoenix is running their first ever Art prize for people with disability in the whole of the Mid north coast.

Are you over 16 years of age and identify as an artist living with a disability? This could be the event for you!

  • Entry to this wonderful initiative is FREE!
  • Entries close 14th July, you can apply by visiting www.nvp.org.au or info@nvp.org.au
  • Artists entering must be over the age of 16!
  • All levels of experience are welcome and all mediums are accepted.
  • Judges of the Phoenix Art Prize are : Ashleigh Frost -Curator Yarrilla Arts & Museum, Dr Emma Gentle and Olivia Parker -Arts Mid North Coast Director.
  • Prizes: 1st – $1000, 2nd– $600, People’s choice -$400
  • You can enter your work online on Nambucca Valley Phoenix Website at https://nvp.org.au/ability-arts-connect

There are four events over two days! 

FRIDAY 2nd August – Conferences- 30-40mins each

  • Dr Emma Gentle- Art as Therapy.
  • Ashleigh Forst- Being an Exhibiting Artist.
  • Carly Marchment- My Story being an artist living with Disability.
  • Arts Connect Q & A– Sharing session.

Art Workshops- 1.5 hours

  • 2 x Ceramics art workshops with Michaela Kloeckner.
  • 1 x Fibre art workshops with Sharyn Brady.
  • 1 x painting workshops with Sharyn Brady.

SATURDAY 3rd August- Phoenix Art Prize & Exhibition

  • The Art Exhibition opens at  11am. Come along and enjoy artists talks.

Phoenix Winter Ball – 5-10pm

  • This wonderful event will celebrate the Closing of the event with The Phoenix Winter Ball held at the Nambucca Heads RSL. This event will have a DJ, Dancing Floor, Photobooth, Dinner and Drinks. The theme of the function is GLAM!

For more information on the ball click on this link – Phoenix Ball invite




It was an afternoon of celebrations on June 13th at the Nambucca Valley Council as they hosted a citizenship ceremony. It was a time for the friends and family of nine, Nambucca Valley residents to come together and celebrate their loved ones participating in the offical proceeding at the Nambucca Valley Council Chambers, making them Australian citizens!

Australian Citizenship ceremonies are not just a place to fulfil legal obligations, it is also a place for new Australian citizens to feel a sense of belonging within their local communities.

Congratulations to our newest Nambucca Valley Australian Citizens!

Our stories

Uncle Micklo heads to Nambucca Valley Christian Community School

The kindergarten children of Nambucca Valley Christian Community School had a wonderful morning with local legend Uncle Micklo learning “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” in Gumbaynggirr ahead of their Reconciliation Assembly.

It was a morning filled with singing and dancing. The youngest members of the Nambucca Valley Christian Community School absolutely loved it!

A very big thank you to Uncle Micklo for sharing his time and wisdom of our Gumbaynggirr culture.

 Bowraville Tyre and Auto praises young apprentice! 

Local business Bowraville Tyre and Auto have taken the time to praise their young apprentice in an admirable social media post.

Apprentices, sometimes you wonder if it’s getting through, if they are advancing or if they are going to make it. This 16 year old , first year apprentice, that we plucked from Bowraville Central School is our legend Jamal. He’s just spent every dollar saved, on his first tool box and with his own belief, his determination, his values, honesty and his genuine manners, Jamal will make it in every facet of life, including his genuine love of mechanics.

We are there for the whole ride mate. Congrats to you young man, keep kicking goals and we will keep giving you the ball to have another kick.”

Congratulations Jamal – Keep up the fabulous work!

Love your local

Morgan Cooper takes on the new role of LGBTQ+ Peer Mentor in the Nambucca and Bellingen Valleys.

Connecting Neighbourhood Centres and Bellingen Nambucca Youth Service (BNYS) is excited to welcome Morgan Cooper in the new role of LGBTQ+ Peer Mentor.  This role has been made possible with funding from the Siddle Family Foundation. Morgan has shown exceptional commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ young people in the Bellingen Shire and will be a dynamic and creative addition to our service and for young people across Bellingen and Nambucca LGAs.

This role is a first of its kind on the Mid North Coast and will be responsible for creating targeted supports and initiatives for young people who are questioning or who identify as LGBTQ+/ Eliza Zanuso, who coordinates our local LGBTQ+ youth peer support group ‘Pride Club’ notes that a LGBTQ+-specific role is necessary due to the higher prevalence of negative mental health outcomes for this cohort.

“Recent studies in Australia have shown that around 43% to 48% of trans people have made a suicide attempt – which is highest amongst people aged 16-34 years.  People are surprised when I explain to them the high incidence of transphobic, homophobic and biphobic harassment and abuse that young people experience, … even I’ve been a target of hateful rhetoric just for the work that I do supporting young people.”

Eliza explained that as a result of waves of anti LGBTQ+ legislation in the United States, some people in Australia are now directing hateful rhetoric towards LGBTQ+ young people.  This means that supports for young people are needed more than ever.

“It’s really important that young people who identify have mentors to look up to that are proud of their identity, people who have lived experience of what it’s like to grow up queer and/or gender non-conforming in regional Australia.  Because we live in a culture that is still very focused on the belief that you are ‘male’ or ‘female’, these people are literal radicals just by existing.”

Previously, Morgan was a Bellingen Shire Pride Club participant and could see how important it was to have a safe space, and peers who celebrate your identity.  Eliza stated “Morgan spent a number of years as a dedicated volunteer peer mentor, so we are simply thrilled to be offering them a paid position.” Many thanks to Roger Horton, Leanne Collier, Teddy Loveny and Theodore Taylor for the support in making this possible;  as well as Bent in Bellingen who have supported our group for many years.

 MINDFULNESS -What the Macksville Bridge can do for you.

Gazing upon the Macksville Bridge in all its evening glory, one can`t help but reflect on the history it holds. Its blaring lights, a measure of its contemporary movement, now a sight to behold. Built to connect the North with the South, its 1931 opening signified a gateway for work, wealth, and well-being. For many, it`s a given. ‘That’s the Macksville Bridge’, a landmark claimed on travels, ‘I`m heading into town’, for locals on the North. The bridge exists as a constant in the lives of many and as a stagnant memory for those who left, not to return. I wonder what the bridge represents for you?
A study of virtual route navigation by Mallot and Gillner (2000), found that objects in the environment provoke action-related associations. A latent sigh unfolds as you pass the mountains on the way to your home, or you feel a pull towards the kettle as you see your evening tea cup waiting to warm you. These small moments in our lives offer the opportunity to stop and create control in a world that often feels out of it. As you stop and think about how you feel, as you drive, ride, or stroll across the bridge in all its evening grandeur, consider its symbolism of well-being in days of yore. Consider the hope of economic growth and of community connection. What might that hope have felt like, then? What does hope feel like for you?
I can almost hear your thoughts, “I think she`s trying to tell us to practice mindfulness”… “I`m too busy for that”. I get it, I feel the same. What if, though, the bridge could simply represent to you, a breath. What if you drive over the bridge this week and notice how the twinkling lights reflect off your windscreen? What if you did it again? What if the favorite part of your day becomes breathing on the bridge? Imagine that, constructionists from 1931 piecing together the Macksville Bridge, now used as a tool of psychological well-being too.
Mindfulness 101:
  1. Focus on your breathing, in out in out.
  2. Notice what is happening in your mind, it’s okay.
  3. Notice what is happening in your body, it’s okay.
  4. Engage your senses – what can you see, smell, hear, touch, taste?
Read more about mindfulness here:
Written by -PENNY COULTER 
Counsellor, Social Worker 
Spotlight on

Guess who is back on the tools???

ENJOY – Ripples in Macksville have re opened their doors, fresh from a break. Sit back, relax and enjoy your beverage of choice at the revamped Ripples.


Training days for local Rural Fire Services

Valla and Nambucca Rural Fire Service Brigades met at Fire and Rescue NSW Station 397 Nambucca Heads and enjoyed a joint training morning.

The two agencies had the chance to look under the hoods of the respective gear used, with the purpose of working more effectively together in an already robust relationship.

Particular attention was paid to compressed air breathing apparatus which is being rolled out locally by the Rural Fire Service Lower North Coast.

GoodSAM is a first responder APP. If you are trained in first aid you can make a difference in the Nambucca Valley community by simply downloading the GoodSAM Responder App today. By downloading this App you could save a life. If you are in the immediate vicinity of a cardiac arrest you will be alerted through the App on your phone so you can start CPR or basic first aid in the critical minutes before the emergency services arrive. The GoodSAM platform is highly governed and secure, with checks to ensure that all responders are medically qualified. Once you are verified you will join our network of community lifesavers.
Give back to your Nambucca Valley community and beyond by becoming a GoodSAM.
Reach out to the crew of the Volkswagen Spectacular on 0427695203.
Inside knowledge

Spill the Tea, with Tam & Sal - Podcast Launches July 2024

The Valley Hub are excited to announce a new weekly podcast coming to your favourite listening platform and Youtube as a part of the Google Advertising and Marketing Grant. This innovative Podcast ‘Spill the Tea- with Tam & Sal’  is set to take you on a an exciting and humorous ride!
With the Podcast set to drop in July 2024  you can watch – ‘Getting to know your podcast host in 60 seconds‘ on our socials.
You can follow Spill the Tea – With Tam and Sal at https://www.instagram.com/spillthetea_with_tam_n_sal/
or keep informed at



The Valley Hub are excited to offer Businesses and Not-for-Profit Organisations access to a strong social media platform, that celebrates the Nambucca Valley and a website with a ‘What’s Happening’ calendar, Monthly Newsletter and Business/ Community Directory through our memberships. We pride ourselves in bringing The Valley Hub Podcast to the Nambucca Valley and making it accessible to all members. We are currently putting together The Valley Hub Magazine that will be released seasonally in print and E-form, celebrating all the Nambucca Valley has to offer.

As a member you will receive: 

  • 5 free ads on social media
  • 12 months free access to the events calendar
  • 10 percent discount on all advertising in The Valley Hub magazine.
  • Free listing on The Valley Hub Website.
  • Access to all tools and educational material on The Valley Hub Website.

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What's on in the Valley




Let the games begin


The answers will be shared next month – let us know how you fared.

JUNE QUESTIONS (90’s movie quiz)

1. What year was the song ‘My heart will go on’ from Titanic released?

2. Which 90’s movie soundtrack is the best selling soundtrack of all time?

3. “You had me at hello” is a famous line from which movie?

4. What year was Forrest Gump Released?

5. How many people were killed in 1996 film ‘Scream’?

6. “Molly, you in danger girl” is a famous line from which movie?

7. What 90’s animated film was the first and only to receive a Special Achievement Academy Award?

Valley publications

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The Valley Hub acknowledges Gumbaynggirr country, the Ancestors, Elders and Traditional Custodians of the Valley in which we live and work. We thank them for their care of country through time and acknowledge and respect their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.

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