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Winter is just around the corner in the Nambucca Valley. Brisk early morning walks require a jacket and chilly evenings see the community tucked in nice and early... We have the perfect newsletter for you this month to snuggle in by the fire and enjoy!

From Country

Mujaay Ganma


70’s Disco Themed Trivia Night! 

The Mujaay Ganma Foundation are hosting a Trivia night on Friday the 21st of June 2024. This is a wonderful opportunity to grab a few friends or work colleagues and have a night out in Bowraville all while support a great community initiative! This Trivia night is a special one with the dress up theme being 70’s disco! Dust off those bellbottoms and pull out your highest platforms for a night you won’t forget.

The Trivia tables will be set in groups of eight with a $10 per person fee to participate.

All funds raised will be going to The Mujaay Ganma Foundation to continue their wonderful work in the Nambucca Valley of improving the wellbeing of country and community.

This event will be hosted by Oppy Entertainment and will be held at the Bowraville Recreation  Club, 2 South Arm Road Bowraville.

To book your table contact Wurinda on 0439650304 or email aunty@mujaayganmafoundation.org.au







 Mahalia Murphy Visits the Nambucca Valley! 
Jaanymili Bawrrrungga had a surprise visit in May by the beautiful Mahalia Murphy and her trusty companion, General.  Mahalia works for Welsey Mission in the family preservation team in the Rooty Hill office Sydney.
Mahalia took the opportunity to come to Bowraville and meet with the Jaanymili Bawrrrungga team.
It was a day filled of sharing knowledge and investigating the Nambucca Valley. Jaanymili Bawrrrungga would like to thank you Mahalia for coming to our wonderful Valley and are excited at the prospect of working together in the future.


Valley Feature

LEGS FOR LOUIE : Nambucca Valley Community unites for Louie living with Williams Syndrome

 Living with Williams Syndrome. 
The weekend of the 17-19th of May was an incredible display of community support in the Nambucca Valley. In honour of young local Louie, born with Williams Syndrome, the community and businesses gathered together holding fundraising auctions and a bike/ride/ run from Macksville to the V Wall in Nambucca Heads to help raise funds for those living with Williams Syndrome and aiding in ongoing medical expenses…
Here is a little about Louie and Williams Syndrome
If you have been lucky enough to have met Louie you will know what a special little boy he is! Lou was born with Williams Syndrome, a disability caused by the spontaneous deletion of up to 28 genes within chromosome 7.

This deletion is responsible for developmental delays, mild to moderate intellectual disability, learning disorders; hyperacusis (extreme sensitivity to sound), dental problems – such as teeth that are widely spaced, weight and growth problems, hypercalcaemia (higher than normal levels of calcium circulating in the blood); kidney problems – including variations in shape and function, muscle and joint problems – including poor muscle tone, weak muscles, overly loose joints, muscle contractures and poor physical coordination.


An affinity for music, highly sociable personality and a wonderful zest for life! If you meet someone with Williams you will have a best friend for life!

One of the missing genes is the gene that produces elastin. This is a protein that allows blood vessels and other tissues in the body to stretch. This causes cardiovascular problems in 77-79% of those with Williams. Common heart problems include narrowed aorta (aortic stenosis and narrowed pulmonary artery (pulmonary stenosis).

All funds raised by Legs for Louie will go directly to assisting those with Williams Syndrome. Aiding with ongoing medical appointments/ travel for appointments/ special needs camps and therapies not covered by NDIS, as well as family bills to assist with recover time.

As a result of the weekends fundraisers, a total of $29,000.00 has been raised. In addition, Riverview’s Islands annual Ladies Lunch nominated charity is also for Williams Syndrome Australia.

If you would like to donate you can still head to the GoFund me page at    https://www.gofundme.com/f/7gqa22-legs-for-louie?utm_campaign=p_cp+fundraiser-sidebar&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_source=customer

Congratulations to all involved.



True Story is a collaborative exhibition by artist with disability Edward Barns and Gumbaynggirr artist Chris Edwards. A combination of Ed’s bold, imaginative style and Chris’s contemporary work, joined by the stories they shared during a 2 month residency at Phoenix School of Arts. 🎨

The exhibition will be on until the 31st May at the Nambucca Valley Phoenix. 

This project is proudly funded by  @artsmnc through Country Arts Support Program.


On Saturday May the 11th, local music legend Deebee Bishop launched his new album ‘Dog-eard & Torn’ at Elk on 38 in Macksville. The bluesy lounge feel of the venue complimented with delicious food and drinks was the perfect place for Deebee to celebrate his latest success.

With a full house of people boasting his family, close friends and talented musical peers, it was certainly a night filled with love, laughter and music. Deebee and friends played tracks from his new album filling the room with amazing musical vibes! Vocals were sensational, acoustic guitars, base guitars, harmonica, double base and violins wooed the audience.

A very big congratulations to Deebee on such a successful launch!


Our stories


Mrs Riches accompanied Bowraville Central School’s Stage 5 students to a colourful and engaging Careers Expo in Coffs Harbour, where they gained practical insights from the stallholders and guest speakers into what it’s like to work in a variety of industries across our region.

What’s more, Year 12 Hospitality also explored career options in food studies, food technology and hospitality by discussing career target posters and the levels of qualifications required for different occupations in those industries.

All of this has just scratched the surface of all of the inspiring and educational activities that have been enjoyed recently at Bowraville Central School – with careers themed activities happening from Kindy to Year 12, across the school! It’s been a fabulous National Careers Week discovering what extraordinary opportunities are available in Australia, which allow workers to pursue their passions in a rewarding and meaningful career pathway.

Love your local


Early May saw over 300 motorhomes camped at the Macksville Showgrounds to spend a
week discovering the beautiful Nambucca Valley. These travellers are a part of the ‘The Solos’ Motorhome Network, a Special Interest Group of the CMCA (Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia) They hosted a weeklong rally in the Valley with their members coming from all over Australia to enjoy the camaraderie and fun.  The rally theme was Hollywood Stars and there was lots of bling and sparkle to add to make the week in the Nambucca Valley one to remember!
Campers enjoyed the opportunity to attend two separate coach tours of the region, one to Nambucca and surrounds, the other to Taylors Arm and the Pub with No Beer.  A mini-bus was also at hand to drive members into town for shopping, eating out and discovery. In-house activities were enjoyed on the Showgrounds site and included a Welcome Dinner attended by the Mayor Rhonda Hoban, a Day at the Races and Fashions on the Field, line dancing and rock and roll. It was fabulous to have so many wonderful travellers enjoying the beauty and natural wonders of our amazing Valley.
The Nambucca Valley Council held a Tourism Stakeholder Workshop on the 14th of May 2024 at the Nambucca Island Golf Club in Nambucca Heads. It was an opportunity for the Nambucca Valley Council to connect with Tourism Business Operators in the Valley, take onboard the opinions and ideas of attendees as well as have Council’s representative, Michael Grieve, present their plans and strategies for moving forward in the Nambucca Valley.
General Manager of Destination North Coast NSW – Michael Thurston also addressed attendees of what is currently happening in surrounding areas.
The Nambucca Valley Council is calling out for any Tourism Business Owners to give their input into the new strategy plan by contacting Community Development Officer Michael Grieve.
Spotlight on





ENJOY – A delicious meal at the rustic Yamstick Cafe in Bowraville. With a sensational old outdoor dining area, this is a special place to relax and unwind with your favourite beverage. Children and pet friendly.

The cafe is open :

Monday – 5pm-8pm

Tuesday -Friday – 7am-2pm

Friday evening – 5pm-8pm

Saturday – 8am-2pm

Saturday evening –  5pm-8pm

Sunday Evening – 5pm – 8pm



The Macksville Fire Station are currently recruiting paid On-Call Firefighters. Becoming an On-Call Firefighter means undertaking specialist training and opportunity to play a crucial role in keeping the Nambucca Valley community safe.

for more information visit https://careers.fire.nsw.gov.au/on-call-firefighting

GoodSAM is a first responder APP. If you are trained in first aid you can make a difference in the Nambucca Valley community by simply downloading the GoodSAM Responder App today. By downloading this App you could save a life. If you are in the immediate vicinity of a cardiac arrest you will be alerted through the App on your phone so you can start CPR or basic first aid in the critical minutes before the emergency services arrive. The GoodSAM platform is highly governed and secure, with checks to ensure that all responders are medically qualified. Once you are verified you will join our network of community lifesavers.
Give back to your Nambucca Valley community and beyond by becoming a GoodSAM.
This is your opportunity to be a part of the Volkswagen Spectacular coming to Valla on the 31st July – 5th August 2024. Are you interested in sponsoring the Trophy Top 10 – would you like to place an ad in their WELCOME MAGAZINE ?
Reach out to the crew of the Volkswagen Spectacular on 0427695203.
Inside knowledge


The Valley Hub team have been working like busy bees in the background in preparation of bringing the Nambucca Valley and surrounds a new dynamic and interactive Podcast!
The Valley Hub was successful in securing a $240,000.00 in kind grant for advertising and marketing through GOOGLE and YOUTUBE. Stay tuned and watch our socials for move on this innovative new Podcast set to launch in July 2024!


The Valley Hub are excited to offer Businesses and Not-for-Profit Organisations access to a strong social media platform, that celebrates the Nambucca Valley and a website with a ‘What’s Happening’ calendar, Monthly Newsletter and Business/ Community Directory through our memberships. We pride ourselves in bringing The Valley Hub Podcast to the Nambucca Valley and making it accessible to all members. We are currently putting together The Valley Hub Magazine that will be released seasonally in print and E-form, celebrating all the Nambucca Valley has to offer.

As a member you will receive: 

  • 5 free ads on social media
  • 12 months free access to the events calendar
  • 10 percent discount on all advertising in The Valley Hub magazine.
  • Free listing on The Valley Hub Website.
  • Access to all tools and educational material on The Valley Hub Website.

Did you know you can add your event to our What’s On calendar?


What's on in the Valley




Let the games begin


The answers will be shared next month – let us know how you fared.


1.   What country has a town that gets no sunlight during the Polar Night?

2.  Where were the first Winter Olympics held?

3.  How many sides does a snowflake have?

4. What language family does the word winter come from?

5. What months are considered winter in the southern hemisphere?

6. Can you get sunburnt from snow?

7. How many months do Grizzly Bears hibernate for?

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